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Service Scrubber
 - Rub Floors: Our company received scrubber for workshops, factories, companies, houses, construction works after Depending on the type of floor such as Granite, Marble (marble), ceramic vessels, ceramic glaze, v .. v brick ... we used chemical bleaching material suitable for floor and stains (such as cement, oil sludge, paint, rust stains, carpet glue v .. v ...), 3M floor pad type suitable to be used with specialized scrubber to completely clean the floor surface after the job completed.
- Polishing: The floor is polished with special chemicals, when the researchers will give a clean and shiny surface, increasing the natural beauty of the floor.

- Negative ball: Used for beauty and protection of floor surface with a special coat finishes prevent the direct contact to the floor, thereby reducing scratches, keep the new color as the bricks and so avoid chemical effects directly on the bricks of the contaminants or food v. .. v ... to cleaning the floor (floor mop) is easy because the ball-repellent coatings. Especially for granite stone floor, glossy coating to prevent the effect of air on the oxide-metal elements in the rock caused the brick basket, covered bontg will keep the floor shiny and smooth granite forever (not basketball was the oxidant effects.)
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